Thursday, August 9, 2007

Part 2

10. Now a relationship without trust is worst. If there is not trust between you both, its better not to go for it, no matter how many prospects it has!!

11. Never take the other for granted. You are not each others Toy or materials to take out aggression!!

12. No matter how much you love him/her, if you are not headed to tie the knot, do NOT take a huge loan for him. He/she might end up spending it for his/her own wedding, that too, not with you!!

13. You should remember that rejection is very natural. Never take it too hard. A guy/gal is like a bus or Train. If one goes the next TWO are coming in. So never be discouraged. Its all in the game of dating and relating ;-). The right one is always waiting for you...

14. Heartbreaks!! Remember that a heart Break is not THE end of the world!! Its a very common phenomenon that happens to everyone, at least once in their life. The key factor is to try not to stay in that same place. Move on in life. I agree that its not easy, but nothing in this world is easy. It takes time and time is the healer. Heart makes and heart Breaks are very good mental exercise to prepare you for the world's problems. They say that a heart break is the most painful feelin' in the world. If you go through a Break up, you'll come out stronger to face the world and other problems will then seem like a breeze to you. So don't worry. Just get ready to Jump start your life back and fly..!!!

15. Do not, at any circumstance share any sort of very personal secrets or Family secrets with one another till you are sure to get married to him/her. You might get yourself in a big fix if you do so.

16. In the very end what we cal tell you is communication is prime in any relationship. All these points mentioned above are individual opinion and we cannot give any guarantee that it will work, but you can use this as a reference. Mainly communication and knowing one another inside out usually works. ;-)

17.But sometimes its best not to step into a relationship. Being single is not so bad you know.. But that is what I keep saying. Loneliness is bad, but it can be a saver at times..


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Monday, July 23, 2007

Part 1

Okay. Now there are a lot of books and people to give you the best advice when it comes to maintaining a relationship and simply the questions of the heart. This is not one of them. Instead of telling you what to do, I am going to tell what not to. I and some of my friends sat down and thought up of a couple of points, where guys usually screw up, when it comes to relationships. We have come up with these points from our personal experiences, hope that it might be of some help to my fellow readers..

  1. First and foremost, if you are not sure of what you are doing, if you are a college going student(Indian Students) who is completely focused on topping the class.. Do not enter into a relationship!! A relationship needs time and your concentration. No matter how understanding he/she is you'll have to give it time, which will not be possible if you have set your goals to something else.
  2. If you are not sure of a commitment with him/her, DO NOT get into a relationship! Flirt around for Heaven's sake. You'll only end up with a lot of fingers pointed towards you when its time to leave.
  3. The words "I Love you.." may seem very easy to say. But how the other person feels or takes it when you tell it to them really matters. You might be saying that just to get him/her in Bed with you but!!! If she/he takes it seriously, you're done for! So our advice, until you are really head over heals over him/her do use those words. Why give the person Hope and then break it..?
  4. Relationships are not meant to be, unless you both are really very much committed to each other and in the case of Indians, have no problem between the folks. Till then you are never in one nor can you be in one. Its the fact, I dunno how many Bollywood movies goes against this point, but its not gonna work. So to make the point, Do NOT strain yourself over something that will not work out. In the end you will end up in tears.
  5. We all see people who are completely in love and thoughts arise in our head that why can't I be so lucky. We keep thinking about this point and tend to become desperate to get someone. Usually at that time, we end up with the wrong ones. Everything might seem beautiful in the beginning, but later on you'll feel like you are living in hell.. So the Best piece Of Advice We can give you is. Let nature take its course and DO NOT Rush in to it, just because your friends are in it. You will, I guarantee this, get into shit that you'll never be able to get out of..
  6. If its about sex, keep it about sex and don't try to stretch things out of proportion. Plus make sure that the person you are with thinks the same to. Sex has damaging properties when it comes to emotions and your mental well being. Be careful when you involve yourself in it. One thing you should realise is that its not you who is getting laid, its the other guy/girl!!
  7. Women are not trophies. They are to be respected. You might find them really hot and sexy at first, then somehow try to get emotionally entangled with her. After a while when the romance and the 'heat' dies off, you'll lose interest in her and let her expectations down. Guys realise one thing, relationships are not about the looks but the heart!! A really ugly girl and a really hot one have the same feelings and same emotions. They are delicate human beings too, as put forth my friend..
  8. There are situations when you or your counterpart of the opposite sex (or same, I'm not Judging anyone here), may not be earning or short of cash. (Aaah the main thing in every guys head... The bill.) Both of you would want to have a good time and a nice cosy restaurant. I know its courteous that the guy pays, but it'll be more encourage if you both split the bill. I know that it goes against all the guy rules.. But It does work out trust me. But if you know that the next person is totally broke pls!!! Do not ask him/her to chip in. Be polite and both of you offer to split the bill!!
  9. Okay now Virgins, who want to indulge in sex with the your boy/girlfriend. If you guys are not heading for a commitment, don't do it!! There are very sly people in this world who will trick you into bed and take advantage of you and disappear. Always be cautious and protect yourselves. If not then point 6 comes into picture.

(To be contd in part 2)